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July 23 2014

Urban Think Tank Responds to the Forced Eviction of Torre David Residents
Techstyle Haus: An 800 Square Foot Fabric House That Uses 90% Less Energy

Woodrats subsist on toxic plants thanks to gut microbes

Salt Lake City (UPI) Jul 22, 2013
The desert woodrat of the Mojave desert in the Western United States subsists almost exclusively on poisonous plants - plants that would, in equivalent amounts, make most other animals extremely ill. But the woodrats is perfectly content to fill its stomach with the leaves of the creosote bush, totally unaffected by the toxic resin that coats the plant's foliage. Scientists have previo

Biologist says 6th grade science project stole his lion fish research

Jupiter, Fla. (UPI) Jul 22, 2013
Whoever said there's no such thing as bad publicity may want to pay attention to the story of Lauren Arrington, the sixth-grader who made national news this week for her lion fish research project. But her moment in the limelight could be souring - that is if there is credence to allegations that her research may have been lifted from former ecology grad student Zack Jud. As of this mo

Street fishing thrives in waterways of Paris

Paris (AFP) July 22, 2014
Quentin Nespoulous is standing by Canal Saint Martin, a once run-down waterway in Paris that has been cleaned up and turned into a popular haunt for young bohemians. Only this 19-year-old is not here for a hipster hangout or a canalside bistro, but to fish. Nespoulous is part of a new wave of "street fishers" taking to the French capital's canals as well as the Seine, where pike, giant c

New report shows MERS virus may be airborne

Washington (UPI) Jul 22, 2013
MERS, the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus, may be transmitted by air, a paper published Tuesday in the scientific journal mBio suggests. The infection has resulted in 836 laboratory-confirmed cases and at least 288 related deaths, the World Health organization said, and scientists remain unsure of how the virus is transmitted. According to the paper in mBio, publishe

Latvia extends emergency zone for African swine fever

Riga (AFP) July 22, 2014
Latvia on Tuesday declared a state of emergency in a second area of this Baltic EU state as efforts continued to contain an outbreak of deadly African swine fever in its pig population. The extension of the emergency quarantine zone means large swathes of Latvia's borders with Belarus, Estonia, Lithuania and Russia now fall within it. Inside the zone, animals cannot be moved between farm

Alaska frogs reach record lows in extreme temperature survival

Fairbanks AL (SPX) Jul 23, 2014
Freezing and thawing might not be good for the average steak, but it seems to help wood frogs each fall as they prepare to survive Alaska's winter cold. "Alaska wood frogs spend more time freezing and thawing outside than a steak does in your freezer and the frog comes back to life in the spring in better shape than the steak," said Don Larson, University of Alaska Fairbanks graduate stude

LEDs shine in bedding plant production study

West Lafayette IN (SPX) Jul 23, 2014
Growers of annual bedding plant seedlings or plugs work to produce compact, fully rooted transplants with a large stem diameter and high root dry mass--qualities that make seedlings less susceptible to damage during shipping and transplant. To achieve these desirable qualities, greenhouse growers in northern latitudes must rely on supplemental lighting from high-pressure sodium lamps durin

The Real Price of Steak

Rehovot, Israel (SPX) Jul 23, 2014
We are told that eating beef is bad for the environment, but do we know its real cost? Are the other animal or animal-derived foods better or worse? New research at the Weizmann Institute of Science, conducted in collaboration with scientists in the US, compared the environmental costs of various foods and came up with some surprisingly clear results. The findings, which appear in the Proc

Global warming 'pause' reflects natural fluctuation

Montreal, Canada (SPX) Jul 23, 2014
Statistical analysis of average global temperatures between 1998 and 2013 shows that the slowdown in global warming during this period is consistent with natural variations in temperature, according to research by McGill University physics professor Shaun Lovejoy. In a paper published this month in Geophysical Research Letters, Lovejoy concludes that a natural cooling fluctuation during

NRL Reveals New Meteorological Insight into Mid-Level Clouds

Washington DC (SPX) Jul 23, 2014
Research meteorologists at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) Marine Meteorology Division (MMD) and Scripps Institution of Oceanography, employing the Navy's Mid-Course Doppler Radar (MCR) at Cape Canaveral, were able to characterize mid-level, mixed-phase altocumulus clouds. In altocumulus clouds, at medium altitudes ranging from 6,000 feet to 20,000 feet above mean sea level, water

Has Antarctic sea ice expansion been overestimated?

Munich, Germany (SPX) Jul 23, 2014
New research suggests that Antarctic sea ice may not be expanding as fast as previously thought. A team of scientists say much of the increase measured for Southern Hemisphere sea ice could be due to a processing error in the satellite data. The findings are published in The Cryosphere, a journal of the European Geosciences Union (EGU). Arctic sea ice is retreating at a dramatic rate. In c

NASA Starts Campaign To Probe Ocean Ecology, Carbon Cycle

Washington DC (SPX) Jul 23, 2014
NASA embarks this week on a coordinated ship and aircraft observation campaign off the Atlantic coast of the United States, an effort to advance space-based capabilities for monitoring microscopic plants that form the base of the marine food chain. Phytoplankton, tiny ocean plants that absorb carbon dioxide and deliver oxygen to Earth's atmosphere, play a major role in the global cycling o
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