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February 08 2018

Mexican Architect Frida Escobedo Selected to Design 2018 Serpentine Pavilion
These Office Interiors are Inspired by Well-Known Fonts
How Boomers and Millennials Can Work Together (And Love It)
Cables Fail on Bridge in Dallas After City Officials Ignored Santiago Calatrava's Requests for Proper Testing

Deadly landslides, flooding spark evacuations in Jakarta

Jakarta (AFP) Feb 6, 2018
At least four people were killed and two more are missing after Indonesia's capital region was hit by severe flooding and landslides, authorities said Tuesday, as thousands fled waterlogged neighbourhoods. The bodies of three people were pulled from a pile of mud and rock after a landslide triggered by torrential rain inundated a village in the city of Bogor south of Jakarta, the disaster m

Have we misunderstood how Earth's solid center formed?

Cleveland OH (SPX) Feb 08, 2018
It is widely accepted that the Earth's inner core formed about a billion years ago when a solid, super-hot iron nugget spontaneously began to crystallize inside a 4,200-mile-wide ball of liquid metal at the planet's center. One problem: That's not possible-or, at least, has never been easily explained-according to a new paper published in Earth and Planetary Science Letters from a team of

No volcanic winter in East Africa from ancient Toba eruption

Tucson AZ (SPX) Feb 08, 2018
The massive Toba volcanic eruption on the island of Sumatra about 74,000 years ago did not cause a six-year-long "volcanic winter" in East Africa and thereby cause the human population in the region to plummet, according to new University of Arizona-led research. The new findings disagree with the Toba catastrophe hypothesis, which says the eruption and its aftermath caused drastic, multi-

Skiers take to Paris streets as snow prompts travel chaos

Paris (AFP) Feb 7, 2018
Skiers swished down the hilly streets of Montmartre in Paris on Wednesday, taking advantage of heavy snowfall that otherwise spelled misery for thousands of travellers. Nearly 2,000 people in the Paris region had to spend Tuesday night in their cars, according to police, after the snow caused traffic jams that stretched a record 740 kilometres (460 miles) and left hundreds of others stuck at

September 2017 earthquakes highlight successes of Mexico's early warning system

Washington DC (SPX) Feb 08, 2018
Mexico's earthquake early warning system gave Mexico City's residents almost two minutes of warning prior to the arrival of strong seismic waves from the September 7, 2017 Tehuantepec earthquake centered off the southern coast of Mexico, according to a report in the journal Seismological Research Letters. The magnitude 8.2 earthquake is the largest earthquake detected by the alert system,

Taiwan quake highlights hi-tech island's shoddy building past

Taipei (AFP) Feb 7, 2018
Taiwan has built itself a reputation for cutting edge technology, efficient public transport and safe streets. But an earthquake has again highlighted the well-off island's history of shoddy construction and questionable safety standards. It has become a familiar sight. A quake strikes Taiwan, rattling homes and nerves but leaving most of the epicentre intact, except for one or two isolated

Rescuers brave aftershocks as Taiwan quake toll rises to nine

Hualien, Taiwan (AFP) Feb 8, 2018
Taiwanese rescuers braved powerful aftershocks to search for survivors in a dangerously leaning apartment block that was partially toppled by a quake, locating two more bodies early Thursday to bring the death toll to nine as dozens remain missing. A 6.4-magnitude quake hit the popular eastern tourist city of Hualien late Tuesday, leaving a handful of buildings badly damaged - some of them

Nigeria grapples with mob justice in farmer-herder clashes

Gboko, Nigeria (AFP) Feb 7, 2018
In the heart of Gboko's main market, in Benue state, central Nigeria, stains still darken the dusty corners of the car park, where seven men were burned alive in broad daylight. Their only crime was to have "light skin and look like Fulanis", said a police officer, referring to the herders blamed for deadly violence against farmers in recent months. For the last week, lack of street ligh

Bottoms up: Morocco PM glugs water to dispel pollution fears

Rabat (AFP) Feb 7, 2018
Morocco's prime minister on Wednesday swigged a glass of water from a reservoir supplying some seven million people in a bid to dispel fears over pollution. Saad-Eddine El Othmani staged the publicity stunt in front of flashing cameras after environmental groups said it was being tainted by waste from two nearby prisons. "This water is drinkable," he told journalists as he sipped a glass

Viruses are falling from the sky

Vancouver, Canada (SPX) Feb 08, 2018
An astonishing number of viruses are circulating around the Earth's atmosphere - and falling from it - according to new research from scientists in Canada, Spain and the U.S. The study marks the first time scientists have quantified the viruses being swept up from the Earth's surface into the free troposphere, that layer of atmosphere beyond Earth's weather systems but below the stratosphe

NASA Space Sensors to Address Key Earth Questions

Pasadena CA (JPL) Feb 08, 2018
Why is the Arctic warming faster than the rest of the planet? Does mineral dust warm or cool the atmosphere? NASA has selected two new, creative research proposals to develop small, space-based instruments that will tackle these fundamental questions about our home planet and its environment. NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, is a key participant on both instruments.

Ozone at lower latitudes not recovering, despite ozone hole healing

London, UK (SPX) Feb 08, 2018
The ozone layer - which protects us from harmful ultraviolet radiation - is recovering at the poles, but unexpected decreases in part of the atmosphere may be preventing recovery at lower latitudes. Global ozone has been declining since the 1970s owing to certain man-made chemicals. Since these were banned, parts of the layer have been recovering, particularly at the poles. However,

Ancient geographic and genomic history of cockroach traced back to last supercontinent

Oxford UK (SPX) Feb 08, 2018
Cockroaches are so hardy, a popular joke goes, that they've occupied the Earth long before humans first appeared ---and will probably even outlast us long after we have annihilated each other by nuclear war. But now, researchers have used the latest in genomic data to gain the most detailed information yet of their evolutionary history. Armed with a vast amount of genomic information

Giant viruses may play an intriguing role in evolution of life on Earth

Iowa City IA (SPX) Feb 08, 2018
We all know viruses cause colds and flu this time of year, but you might be surprised to learn that a virus may have played a key role in the evolution of nearly all life forms on Earth. In a new study, a University of Iowa biologist identified a virus family whose set of genes is similar to that of eukaryotes, an organism classification that includes all plants and animals. The find

Rainforest collapse 307 million years ago impacted the evolution of early land vertebrates

Birmingham UK (SPX) Feb 08, 2018
Researchers at the University of Birmingham have discovered that the mass extinction seen in plant species caused by the onset of a drier climate 307 million years ago led to extinctions of some groups of tetrapods, the first vertebrates to live on land, but allowed others to expand across the globe. This research is published (7th February 2018) in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B
London Business School, The Sammy Ofer Centre / Sheppard Robson
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