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Top Firms Compete to Design Kazakhstan’s World Expo in 2017

Zaha Hadid Architects, Coop Himmelblau, UNStudio, and Snøhetta are some of the 45 shortlisted practices competing to design the International Specialized Exposition (Expo 2017) in Astana, Kazakhstan. Each practice, selected from more than a 100 proposals worldwide, has submitted their own interpretation of the expo’s theme: “Future Energy”. Come September, the jury will announce which vision best represents what will be the country’s first world fair.

“The theme of our exhibition is closely related to ‘green economy’, which takes into account the possibility of using alternative energy sources and the autonomous water and heat provision in each of the constructions,” said Kazakhstan president Nursultan Nazarbayev.

Up to 3 million people are expected to visit the international pavilions from June to September 2017. Astana Expo 2017 will follow the Milan Expo 2015, which is named “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.”

All 45 shortlisted proposals can be seen here.

Reference: Expo 2017, BDOnline

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