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June 15 2017


Hong Kong launches ivory ban bill

Hong Kong (AFP) June 14, 2017
Hong Kong launched a landmark bill to ban its ivory trade Wednesday, describing it as an effort to "eradicate" the illegal poaching of elephants. The southern Chinese city is a major hub for ivory sales and announced last year that it would ban the import and export of the goods, but later clarified it would only completely abolish the trade by 2021. Critics say authorities are dragging

In tense times, top conductor creates UN of orchestras

New York (AFP) June 15, 2017
In his eight years leading the New York Philharmonic, Alan Gilbert has witnessed the power of music to connect cultures - and watched as political strife consumes much of the world. Closing his tenure in one of classical music's most prestigious positions, Gilbert is planning a next chapter by creating a sort of United Nations of orchestras. Dubbed Musicians for Unity, Gilbert envisions

Czech cave dig reveals details of Neanderthal-human transition

Washington (UPI) Jun 15, 2017
The excavation of a cave in the Czech Republic has offered archaeologists evidence of both Neanderthal and human activity in the region between 28,000 and 50,000 years ago. Researchers say the wealth of artifacts has provided insights into the transition from Neanderthals to modern humans. In addition to thousands of animal bones, excavators have recovered stone tools and weaponr

Otter fossil suggests ancient mammals migrated across Mexico, from Florida to California

Washington (UPI) Jun 14, 2017
An ancient sea otter fossil found in Central Mexico suggests mammals once followed an east-to-west migration route from Florida to California. The fossil, which scientists described in the journal Biology Letters, is the first piece of hard evidence offered in support of a transcontinental migration route theorized by researchers at the University of Buffalo. "This is an entirely

Flint water scandal prompts manslaughter charge for health chief

Chicago (AFP) June 14, 2017
The chief of Michigan state's health department and four others were charged with involuntary manslaughter Wednesday over the Flint water contamination scandal, the most serious criminal offenses leveled so far. In what has become a notorious case, Flint's drinking water was contaminated three years ago, when in a cost-saving effort, officials switched to a more corrosive source that had not

Rescuers battle to reach victims of deadly Bangladesh landslides

Chittagong, Bangladesh (AFP) June 14, 2017
Rescue workers battled Wednesday to reach victims of landslides, described as the worst in Bangladesh's history, as the death toll from the disaster rose to 152. Villagers in some of the worst-hit areas used shovels to try to dig bodies out of the mud that engulfed their settlements as they slept. Authorities say hundreds of homes were buried by mud and rubble sent cascading down hillsid

China probes academic fraud by cancer researchers

Beijing (AFP) June 15, 2017
China is investigating claims of academic fraud involving mostly Chinese cancer researchers after more than 100 articles were withdrawn from a foreign medical journal. German publisher Springer announced in April the retraction of 107 articles from Tumor Biology after finding evidence the "peer review process was compromised". The papers had been produced by Chinese medical institutions

Warmer climate threatens malaria spread in Ethiopia

Paris (AFP) June 14, 2017
Cool, high-lying areas of Ethiopia hitherto shielded from heat-loving malaria mosquitoes are increasingly exposed to the disease as the climate warms, researchers said Thursday. Most Ethiopians live in the country's highlands, and have long enjoyed natural protection against mosquitoes carrying the malaria-causing parasites Plasmodium falciparum and P. vivax. But the buffered area has be
"X-Ray Vision" Headset Allows Architects to See Under the Surface of Construction Sites
Mecanoo and MAYU Architects+ Break Ground on Tainan Public Library
DELTA - Tielt / Architectuuratelier De Jaeghere
Can Ghalili / LoCa Studio
The City of ArchDaily: 2017 Building of the Year Awards Exhibition
Poly House / Farming Architecture

June 14 2017

School of Alfa Omega / RAW Architecture
Go ahead and AVA Byte of fresh produce from this countertop garden
Twisting Courtyard / ARCHSTUDIO
Heavy Rotation House / Parametr Architecture
Photo: Western tanager is a splash of sunshine
Epic photos taken while swimming in a superpod of whales
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